Ecological Restoration

Restore your ecosytem

Ecological restoration is the practice of restoring and renewing ecosystems and habitats to their original state.

Why ecological restoration important

Ecological restoration connects society with nature by helping to recover damaged ecosystems through erosion control, revegetation of native species, removal of invasive species, and the restoration of wetlands, shorelines, prairies and woodlands.

Taking part in ecological restoration locally has a global impact on the ecosystem as a whole.

Semper Fi and ecological restoration

Semper Fi helps to restore the land back to its natural habitat by implementing controlled burns, removing invasive species, pesticide application, prairie restoration and tree felling.

Contractors will have peace of mind knowing that they are meeting equal opportunity goals with a reliable and experienced minority, disadvantaged and veteran-owned small business that is qualified to get the job done efficiently and without hassle.

Ecological restoration services

  • Native plant installation
  • Invasive species control & natural area stewardship
  • Shoreline erosion control
  • Ravine erosion control
  • Controlled burns
  • Habitat restoration
  • Rain garden design and installation
  • Naturalized detention basins

Current Clients


Ecological restoration projects

  • Will County Forest Preserve Habitat Mitigation*
    Forked Creek Habitat Mitigation
    1. This project involved the preservation of 40 acres by planting approximately 2,000 native trees and shrubs, enrichment seeding, access route improvement and invasive species control through a variety of methods within the Forked Creek Forest Preserve.
  • Cook County Forest Habitat Restoration Program*
    Greenlake Savannah
    1. In below-zero weather and without the help of large clearing equipment, Semper Fi restored an almost entirely overgrown woodland by the elimination of several acres of buckthorn. Extreme care was taken to preserve native species from harm, as well as minimizing our ecological footprint by burning on platforms.
  • Cook County Forest Preserve Clearing Project*
    Portwine Forest Restoration
    1. We were instrumental in completing a major 60 acre clearing project including target identification, tagging, expanding targeted species, removing unfavorable species, and digging stumps out of the snow. Our trained staff consistently cut, cleared and burned approximately two acres per day.
  • Forest Preserve District of Cook County Habitat Enhancement*
    1. With an on-going maintenance contract for the next five years, we will continue our work at the Cook County Forest Preserve including native restoration, invasive control, winter clearing and planting.
  • Illinois Math and Science Academy
    1. We installed around 40 feet of natural stone wall, restored approximately six acres of lawn post construction, 300 tons of decomposed granite, and installed a fire pit in the student housing area.
  • Our Lady of Good Counsel
    1. We built a 400 foot long retaining wall to buttress the parking lot. The wall was supported by Geogrid and contained a drainage system.
  • Gary / Chicago International Airport*
    1. Our invasive species control work on this project included hand clearing, herbicide application, fence installation and prescribed burns. Semper Fi also won the contract for long-term ecological restoration work at the Gary / Chicago International Airport.

*Semper Fi was the preferred subcontractor to meet equal opportunity goals.

Across a broad spectrum of terrain including wetlands, grasslands, and forests, Semper Fi is in the front line against Reed Canary Grass, Purple Loose Strife, Crown Vetch, and Leafy Spurge to name a few. Some of our client sites include:

  • Mediwin Grass Land Prairie
  • Orland Park Grasslands
  • Powderhorn Lake Forest Preserve
  • Aurora Landscape Maintenance Stormwater Best Mgt Practice Areas

Project Highlight

2015 Waukegan River Bank Stabilization/Green Infrastructure Project

In 2010, the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative was launched in an effort to accelerate the protection and restoration of the Great Lakes which contain the largest system of fresh surface water in the world.

One of the first Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Shoreline Cities Green Infrastructure projects to be funded was the Waukegan River Bank Stabilization. Semper Fi Land Service completed this project in the summer of 2015, providing a great example of what the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative program strives to fund.


Service Area

Semper Fi takes part in ecological restoration projects in Northern Illinois, Northwest Indiana and Southeast Wisconsin. If you are interested in having Semper Fi assist with your ecological restoration project, please fill out our ‘Request a Quote’ form below.

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